Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review #1: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Hello again my literary comrades! This is going to be my first ever review. I decided on it because this book and it's series are very near and dear to my heart. It changed my life. My literary Green Day so to speak. So strap on your glasses get in your comfortable reading chairs and lets go!

Warning: I will try to keep this as spoiler free as I can.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is about this girl named Maximum Ride, aka Max (clever huh?). She's a fourteen year old girl who lives with her five best friends: Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman and Angel. These kids are special. I'm talking having wings and possessing special powers special. This "Flock" as they call themselves were made in a lab, called The School. During the book Angel gets kidnapped and the rest of the Flock go off to rescue her. 

There are various subplots throughout the novel that fill it out and give the book more character. There are so many moments when you laugh out loud that you feel like it is a totally light hearted novel. But there are also dramatic moments that make you swell with emotion. It's one of those books that pull you in and make you attach yourself to the characters and make you root for them, feel like you're there with them. The action scenes are so, well, kick ass that you feel like you're watching a movie reminiscent of The Bourne Identity or Die Hard.

The characters are fantastic. Max is hands down my favorite character of the series. She's so witty and sarcastic. I feel like she's my long lost sister. Her development throughout the novel is so much fun to watch. I also love her bad-ass attitude and take no prisoners way of going. She wants answers when she wants them and won't stop until she gets them. I also love the depth of her personality. The other characters are wonderful too. Fang is that boy you fall in love with instantaneously and want to be your tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend. He has that perfect mix of what I just described and enough emotion and heart to make you swoon. (I confess I've had many a dream about me and Fang. Shh)  Iggy is so funny and sarcastic. I love his little moments of comedy. He and The Gasman are that dynamic duo we've seen throughout the history of entertainment. Nudge is like your fashion conscious little sister that will talk her way into your heart. Angel. Oh Angel. How do I describe this little one? Frankly it's hard to. She feels quite enigmatic at times, yet also like the quintessential little girl. She uses her gifts for good and evil. There are many more characters I could talk about but this would become a VERY lengthy review.xD

The plot is wonderful. A dash of suspense, a dash of romance, action, etc. It's definitely a quality page turner. 

I have no gripes with this book. I will continue re-reading it until the end of time. While that's wholly implausible it's a good metaphor. :)

Until next time my fellow comrades.

Viva la literature!

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