Friday, April 29, 2011

Review #5: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Hello my literary comrades! It's time for another review. And it is another hype book, but this time it was mostly hyped up by Nerdfighters, of which I am one (DFTBA!). To digress a little, Nerdfighters are people in a community that sprang up from the youtube channel author John Green and his brother Hank Green started in 2007. John himself praised this book back in December, saying how wonderful it was and he highly recommended it. The a bunch of other Youtuber started praising this book. So I decided to purchase Anna and the French Kiss to see what all the hype is about, and man am I glad I got it. So get on your reading glasses, sit in your comfortable chair and lets get started!

Anna and the French Kiss is by Stephanie Perkins. It is about a girl named Anna Oliphant. She is about to be a senior in High School and aspires to be a film critic. She ends up being sent to an American boarding school in Paris to learn some culture and experience. What she gets is not only culture, but a great group of friends and a boy whom she falls in love with. The boy is Etienne St. Clair, normally called St. Clair. Over the course of the novel the two fall in love and comical mishaps occur, but there is also a well of emotion. 

I LOVED this book. And I mean LOVED it. It is on par with Wither, but they are two different types of genres, though both have romance. You know Anna and St. Clair are going to get together (which is why I am not saying "spoiler". Sorry) but it is how they end up a couple that makes the book so great. When the funny parts happen they are very funny, and the emotional moments truly hit you in the right spots. I cried in the right spots and laughed at the right spots, which is fantastic. As an avid reader, I need variety sometimes. And as you can tell by my 3 previous reviews, a break from the Dystopian genre. This was THE perfect book to get me out of that seemingly bleak atmosphere of Dystopia. The plot was great, I loved all the little twists that were thrown in. This book was reminiscent of the films Anna loved, and that made it even more fantastic.

Concerning the characters, I think I'm in love with St. Clair. I know I've said that about a few of the male leads or supporting leads, but St. Clair is very swoon inducing. If he truly existed in real life, I would fall in love instantly and try to become his girlfriend. He is also a very well written character (which makes me with even more that he really existed.), and has a lot of growth over the course of the novel. To see him grow up and become a better person is fascinating and simultaneously entertaining. Anna was also a fantastic character. I feel she could be my best friend in real life. The same goes for the rest of her friends, Meredith, Josh and Rashmi. I see why so many people love these characters. They are funny and great and have nice sized roles in the book. The antagonist Amanda was a real class a b*tch. Very reminiscent of Regina George from Mean Girls, but outright more mean. She wasn't as cunning, but she was just very mean. Amanda is an easy to hate character. That being said I loved it when she got her comeuppance. ;)

I literally have nothing bad to say about this novel. I loved Stephanie Perkins' writing style. She has a very movie-like way of writing that makes you feel at ease, and once again watching a great movie instead of reading a great book. That makes her style fresh and refreshing.

Again I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this book, other than I wish Ms. Perkins wrote a sequel to it, so I can read more adventures about Anna and St. Clair. Maybe a short story perhaps. I eagerly await the companion book, Lola and the Boy Next Store to come out.

Until next time my comrades

Viva la literature!     

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