Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review #54: Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly

Heylo, my fabulous comrades :). This will be a short review, because I just had to stop reading this book.

Angel Burn is the first in a series by L.A. Weatherly. Willow has powers, powers she can not explain. She lives with her Aunt Jo and her catatonic mother. Alex is an Angel Killer, sworn to protect humans against the Angels, whom drain humans' life force, then kill them. When he finds himself falling in love with one of his targets, things get complicated. 

I could not bring myself to continue reading this. It just got horrible. The blandness is so bad, I haven't seen blandness like this in a while. Maybe because I've read a string of great/fantastic books recently, that I've become wary of anything not remotely amazing. But that's not it. Again, this book is just bland, at least to me. I mean, it's kind of cool making Angels the bad guy, but none of the Angelic beings I saw in this book were interesting. Willow and Alex, the main duo/lovers, were in my opinion, so bland they were like beige wet dishrags. X_X Hell, Willow's catatonic mother had more personality than Willow.

I won't stop you from reading this. To each their own, hey you might like it. But for me, the buck stops here. 

I'll next be reviewing Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Until next time, viva la literature!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review #53: Die for Me by Amy Plum

Hello again my friends! Got another review, since I devoured this book in one day. Literally one day. Lets go!

Die for Me is the first in the Die for Me series by Amy Plum. It centers around Kate Mercie, a 17 year old girl whose parents died, leaving her and her sister Georgia orphans. They move to Paris to live with their paternal grandmother and grandfather. While in a deep depression, Kate meets Vincent, a sexy, mysterious guy with a secret. As they fall deeper in love, Kate must decide whether or not to be with the guy of her dreams, or forgo him for a normal life. As she makes her decision, the evil counterpart of Vincent and his "family" close in, threatening to destroy Vincent and everything his family had done.

Oh. My. God. I adore this book. Almost to the level of worship. I can say this without a doubt, that it is one of my favorite books of the year. It has easily made my top 10 of all time favorites. Easily. It flowed so well, I could not stop reading. I was truly sucked into this beautiful and at times frightening tale. I wasn't kidding when I said I read this in one day. I started at around 3, and ended at 4 in the morning. I just adore this story. The ending was especially beautiful. Plus the concept is just brilliant. I have never seen a story about Revnants in YA. It was just refreshing and original and unique to YA. Quite a breath of fresh air it was.

Kate was great. I loved her character. I feel like she should be real, so that we could be be best friends. She was a great heroine to have. She never made poor choices, she knew what was right. And something I have to point out, which a reviewer I follow pointed out. There is a trope in YA right now about how heroines are such big readers. At one point, it'll be mentioned that the character has a large stack of books, but you never see them reading. As my fellow reviewer said, it was nice to see Kate actually reading. Vincent was fabulous. I so wish he were real, so I could be his girlfriend. Sorry Kate, but he's mine ;). So romantic and amazing. The side characters, like Ambrose, Georgia, Charlotte and Gaspard were fantastic. I loved all of them, again, even the villains. All well developed, given backstories, and never shoved to the side. 

I worship Amy Plum's writing style. It again, just flowed like a waterfall, and she built her world well. She knows how to craft a story and characters like a boss. 

I will say this flat: You'd be crazy not to read this book. It is flat out one of the best books this year.

I'll next be reviewing Angel Burn by L.A Weatherly. 

Until next time, viva la literature!

Review #52 The Strange Case of Finley Jayne and The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross

Hello my fantastic comrades. Hope this week is going well for ya. Got a book/novella review so lets away!

Let me preface by saying I decided to combine these two in one review because of how short TSCOFY is. Plus it basically leads right into TGITSC, so yeah.

The Strange Case of Finley Jayne and The Girl in the Steel Corset are by Kady Cross. They are the start of the Steampunk Chronicles. 

TSCOFJ starts with Finley Jayne getting kicked out of her job because of this "thing" inside her. It makes her capable of punching her elders with a single blow. She immediately gets another job with an aristocrat, being paid to be a companion for her daughter Chloe. As Finley gets to know her employer and befriend Chloe, she gets a bad feeling about Chloe's fiance, a Erlking who is twice her age. How far will Finley go to protect her new friend?

I quite liked this novella. It had enough to keep you going in nice short chapters and 78 pages. I liked it's flow, it's world building, and the characters. 

Finley was great. I loved her lines and how she thought, and how much she struggled with her darker side. She is a kickass character. Chloe was cool too. Too timid, but she seemed loyal. Is it sad I don't remember the names of the other characters? That just means they were forgettable, which is ok for me, since this was so short. 

I'll save the writing style for later in the review.

Now onto The Girl in the Steel Corset.

The Girl in the Steel Corset continues Finley's story. After knocking out the lecherous son of her new employer, Finley is scared for her life, as well as scared of herself. She runs away for fear of being fired. Out on the streets, she meets Griffin King, a young orphaned duke who lives with his best friends, and they all have strange abilities of their own. He sees something special in Finley, and takes her in. Finley must continue to struggle with her inner turmoil, while adapting to her new surroundings as well as her new friends. She also learns that her new friends are pseudo crime fighters, keeping London safe from devious criminals. She gets swept up in their latest mission: To stop The Machinist, a criminal mastermind with an eye on the throne. 

I have to be honest, for about the first quarter/half of this novel, I despised this book. I hated how Cross revealed what I thought was a major plot twist so early (as in on page 78 of 289 or so early). I mean as I read on I realized how integral that twist was, and how important it was to reveal it so early, but still. I still hate that part. Also I don't like how modern London was, even though this is a steampunk novel. The characters had almost every single modern convenience, and it really angered me. Again, I know this is a steampunk novel, but the inventions were just too much, and too many. But after I got past that beginning, I was blown away by this book. I stayed up until 6 in the morning to finish it. The whole novel (including the bad part) flowed well, and you were sucked in, wanting to know what happens and to keep turning the pages. Plus that ending just utterly blew my mind. Holy crap, was that an amazingly brilliant ending. Plus it cliffhangered well, making you want to read the next installment, when it comes out. 

Finley still kicked ass. You really get in depth into her internal struggle between her and her other self. She's still kick-ass, and just an all around enjoyable character. Griffin was great, amazing. Quite sexy and smart. Although at times, I felt like he should have just went in for the kill on romancing Finley, damn the consequences! Their chemistry was great, and a joy to read. Then there is Jack Dandy, the third part of the love triangle. Dark and mysterious, with a soft side, especially for Finley. I don't know who I love more, Jack or Griff. Jack is just deliciously wonderful. I hope he is more prominent in the second book. Emily was great, and I wish she was real so we could be friends. She's a great friend to Finley, while holding her own as a character. She is funny, loyal, and kick-butt in her own right. Sam, I'll admit, is an ass. Sorry, but for most of the book, he is just rude, suspicious, and nasty. I know he has his reasons, blah blah blah. That still doesn't excuse his behavior. Plus his role in the end angered me even more. I hope he redeems himself in the next book. In essence, all the side characters were great. Well developed, not shoved aside, all around enjoyable, except for Sam. Hell even the villain was cool, especially scary.

I liked Cross' style. It was cool, the descriptions were fantastic. Despite my issues with her version of steampunk, I quite enjoyed her world building. 

If you like steampunk novels, pick this up.

I'll next be reviewing Die for Me by Amy Plum 

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review #51: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Greetings once again my fantastic comrades :). Have a review for you tonight as well. Lets get started! :)

The Iron King is the first in the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. On Meghan Chase's 16th birthday, she comes home to find her little brother Ethan standing over their mom, holding a butter knife and grinning evilly. She finds out he has been stolen by the Fey, taken to their magical realm, called the Nevernever. Along with her best friend, she embarks on a journey that will change her and shape the Nevernever's future.

I have to be honest, at first I didn't like this book. I mean yes it was interesting, but I predicted the first two plot twists, and that is not good. But luckily that was early in the novel, and it got better and better. I absolutely love it now. The story is fantastic, and I confess I am in love with the world of the story. Kagawa borrows from A Midsummer Night's Dream, and builds a fantastic world upon it, layering and adding great characters. Apart from the beginning, of which I still hold contempt, the story is fantastically amazing. I enjoyed the ride it took me on, playing on my emotions in the best way possible. 

I think Meghan has become one of my literary heroes now. Her strength and her determination and loyalty make me admire her so much. Plus she has some great lines. But I just admire her character so much, and the journey she goes on is great to watch, you root for her. Puck, he is brilliant. I am in love with him and his wit and humor, and how much he cares for Meghan (although I wish it were me instead hehe). And I completely prefer him to Ash. *Sigh* Oh Ash. I mean, he's cool and all, and I understand why he was cold and kind of nasty for most of the book, but still, I think he's an ass. He really is. He only showed care for Meghan near the end. I can't find any real redeeming qualities in him. Maybe in the next book, but for now, I dislike him. I find Grimalkin utterly fascinating. He is quite complex, never knowing what his next move will be. I hope he's in the next book more, because I adore him. Oberon, oh god. I'm sorry, but he's an ass as well. I know he had good reasons for what he did, but I hate how he treated Meghan, just hated it. Yes, he's a literary character, and yes he's an adult, but I wanted to smack him. Titania on the other hand, I'm conflicted. Of the little time I saw her, I also wanted to smack her, but she also had good reasons as well for acting as she did. 

I absolutely adore Julie Kagawa's writing style. It's so fluid, and her world building was just flawless. I can't wait for the next book so I can see more of this fantastic world. I want to live there, despite the dangers. More Nevernever! 

If you love a good Fey novel, with some romance and action, pick this up. Love YA? Read this!

I'll next be reviewing The Strange Case of Finley Jayne/The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross.

Until next time, viva la literature!

In My Mailbox #2

Salutations my fabulous people! Hope all is well and that those who were in Irene's wake, that you stayed and are still staying safe. <3. Now onto my second IMM!

1. Chosen - Paula Bradley
2. American Quest - Sienna Skyy
3. The Witch of Agnessi (Bonnie Pinkwater #1) - Robert Spiller
4. Spy Killer - L. Ron Hubbard
5. Branded Outlaw - L. Ron Hubbard
6. Dusk - Ashanti Luke
7. 314 Crescent Manor - M. Jones
8. Little Gods - Caitlin McColl
9. The Adventures of Justin Tyme - Scott Cardinal
10. Starfire Angels (Starfire Angels #1) - Melanie Nilles
11. Alana Weatherbee (Alana Weatherbee #1) - Jack Sorenson
12. Spooks and Magic (Alana Weatherbee #2) - Jack Sorenson
13. Demon Lord (Demon Lord #1) - T.C. Southwell
14. Gone to Green (Green #1) - Judy Christie
15. Bitten (Bitten #1) - Merrill Gemus
16. Stolen (Bitten #2) - Merrill Gemus
17. Unicorn Bait - S.A. Hunter
18. Synapse - Kat Duncan
19. Paradise Lost - John Milon
20. The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
21. The Odyssey - Homer
22. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
23. Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift
24. Free to Die - Bob McElwain
25. The Girl Born of Smoke - Jessica Billings
26. Untouchable - Scott O'Connor
27. Sensei (Sensei #1) - John Donohue
28. The Calm - William Butler
29. Sleep Tight - Anne Fraiser
30. Suspicions - Christine Kersey
31. Clouded Rainbow - Jonathan Sturak
32. Demon Souled - Jonathan Moeller
33. Wild Child - Mike Wells
34. Haven - Justin Kaemppainen
35. First There is a River - Kathy Steffen
36. Hilda and Zelda - Paul Kater
37. The Shakespeare Manuscript - Stewart Buettner
38. Syndrome - Thomas Hoover

Wow, now that I look at this, that is a LOT of books. O.O Wow. Anyway, most of them were free NOOKbooks, so if you have a Nook, pick them up! :)

Until next time, viva la literature!

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Review #50: Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Hello my fabulous comrades! Hope all is well on this beautiful day :). You know, I just noticed that this is my 50th review. Holy smokes, I can't believe it! Seriously, it feels like ages ago since i started this blog. I appreciate those following me, and that read this blog that was started on a whim. <3 you all. Anyway, lets get started! :)

Raised by Wolves is the first in the Raised by Wolves series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Bryn is a 15 year old human girl who has been raised by werewolves since being found by an alpha wolf after a brutal attack that killed her parents (they were killed by a rogue were). A chain of events leads Bryn to discover a werewolf locked in Callum's (her guardian) basement, that sets off another chain of events that lead Bryn to push against the pack's constraints. 

I love this book. I know I've said that about the last couple of books I've reviewed on here but it's true. This book is fantastic, it truly is. I love the spin it makes of the Werewolf Paranormal subgenre. I was sucked in from page one, watching the plot unfold. There were moments where I literally gasped and almost yelled "WHAT?!?!? WTF IS GOING ON?" A good twist makes this book junkie happy, guaranteed :). The story also flowed well, never disjointed, which is always a great thing if it's not on purpose.

Characters: I thought Bryn was a perfect heroine for this novel. Being a human who was raised by werewolves since she was young, she shaped an identity that was the polar opposite of the Pack. I loved her sarcasm, her wit, just her whole character in general. Chase was a great love interest, strong and sweet and sexy. I appreciate how Ms. Barnes didn't shift the focus to their connection/potential romance. It was there, but I truly admire Barnes for not being one of those authors who bring in the potential love interest, and make the rest of the story about the romance. Thank god. On a side not, damn Chase is sexy, and his name really is ironic lol. Devon, Bryn's best friend, is hilarious. Almost akin to Simon in COB. His scenes and his lines were classic. Plus he's a theater geek like me. That gives him an automatic favorite in my book. I can just imagine us quoting shows and having a blast in real life. I hope they feature him more in Trial by Fire. Lake was great as well, sarcastic and funny, almost Bryn's second, more mischievous half. I also love how the parents/parental figures were there, and most weren't made into cartoon cut-outs or villains. Well, most of them weren't villains. 

I enjoyed the writing style of Ms. Barnes. It wasn't disjointed, which was fantastic. She built her world well, and still left me clamoring for more. I was entirely fascinated by the wolves' world, and I can't wait to see what Barnes does in the second book. She wrote great twists. All together, she is utterly talented.

If you love werewolves, you'll love this book. Although, anyone can read it. 

I'll next be reviewing The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review #49: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Hello again my fantastic comrades! Got another book review for y'all, so lets away!

Unearthly is the first in the Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand. Clara is a 16 year old girl who found out that she was a quarter angel on her mother's side. She also found out that every angel, including herself, have a purpose, a reason for being. She keeps having visions of her purpose, consisting of a wildfire and a boy she knows is integral. These visions lead Clara, her mother and brother to move all the way from California to Wyoming. There, Clara meets Christian Prescott, the aforementioned boy in her visions/purpose. While trying to piece it all together, Clara also meets Tucker Avery, a boy who gets on her nerves, and also worms his way into her heart (I smell a love triangle). Will Clara fulfill her purpose? What of her love life? And will she make sense of all the angel-ness going on in her life?

This books is great. Not the best book I've read all year (that's reserved for Gone), but still great. I loved the fast pacing, the writing, just everything. The story progressed well, with a beginning, a middle and an ending. I have to talk about the ending for a second because that's probably my favorite part of the entire book, besides Clara and Tucker's developing relationship. ??? WHAT was THAT? Really? Really Cynthia Hand? You literally just blew my mind with that ending you crafted. I mean my god, I haven't seen a surprise twist ending like that since Gone, and while that wasn't very long ago, I am still extremely shocked. Holy crap that ending was fantastic. 

Characterwise, Clara was decent. She wasn't a Mary Sue, which was nice. I loved her entire character, bad qualities and all. Her journey was fascinating, especially since she didn't change all that much, yet she really did. Tucker, oh my freaking god, Tucker. I think I'm head over heels. I mean it, he is seriously sexy. If he were real, I would find him and kiss him square on the lips, that's how much I love Tucker. He is sweet and sexy and caring, and would do anything for Clara. He's also sarcastic and funny. In essence, my perfect guy. Christian is decent. I mean he surprised the hell out of me during the ending (oh that ending), but other than that I wasn't impressed. I heard the second book, Hallowed, will focus more on Christian, so I hope I might like him more, although he still doesn't hold a candle to Tucker. Wendy was great, I loved her, as well as Angela. Angela was kind of kick-ass. 

I enjoyed Ms. Hand's writing style. It was in present tense, so you saw everything as it happened. I loved how easy she wrote as Clara, and her twists and her setting up the world of the angels and how everything works. 

If you love a good angel romance story, you'll like this. 

I'll next be reviewing Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

In My Mailbox #1

Hello my lovely fantastic amazing comrades! I hope all is well on this lovely day/night. I've got some awesometastic news! This is my first In My Mailbox! I decided it would be fun to do, and help keep me posting on a more regular schedule. 

IMM is hosted by the wonderful Kristi, aka The Story Siren. Grazie Senora! Anyway, lets get started :)

WARNING! I've gotten a lot of books this past week, so my apologies if this list is long, especially since a good chunk of these books were free or cheap ones I found through my friends at The Cheap

All books in this IMM were bought on my Nook, none from any other place:

1. Under the Stairs - John Stockmeyer

2. The Z Word - Bella Street
3. The Phoenix Conspiracy - Richard L. Sanders
4. The Trouble With Green - Liv James
5. Soul Identity - Dennis Batchelder
6. The Wind Knot - John Galligan
7. Guns - Phil Bowie
8. Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles #2) - Rick Riordan
9. The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane #2) - Jaye Wells
10. Demon High - Lori Devoti
11. Angel Burn (Angel #1) - L.A. Weatherly
12. Beautiful Sins - Jennifer Hampton
13. Life Blood - Thomas Hoover
14. Football Genius - Tim Green
15. Tales of Arcadia - L.A. Jones
16. Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay
17. Hunger (Gone #2) - Michael Grant
18. Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling #1) - Megan McCafferty
19. The Host - Stephenie Meyer
20. Desire (Desire #1) - Kailin Gow
21. Oddily (Oddily #1) - Linda Pohring
22. The Book of Lost Souls - Michelle Muto
23. Grey Eyes (Forever #1) - Brandon Alston
24. The Written - Ben Galley
25. Shadow Games - Doug Welch
26. The Rings of Poisedon - Mike Crowson
27. Blood City Chronicles - James Garvin
28. The Vampire's Heart - Cochin Breaker
29. Marked (Soul Guardian #1) - Kim Richardson
30. Pale Immortal (Immortal #1) - Anne Fraiser
31. Garden of Darkness (Immortal #2) - Anne Fraiser
32. Play Dead - Anne Fraiser
33. Hush - Anne Fraiser
34. My Fairy Godmonster - Denice Hughes Lewis
35. Nikolas and Company - Kevin Mcgill
36. A Need So Beautiful (Need #1) - Suzanne Young
37. The Secret Prince (Knightley Academy #2) - Violet Haberdasher
38. Rememberance - Michelle Madow
39. Hidden Gem (Hidden Gem #1) - India Lee
40. Codename - Amanda Brice

So there you go! My entire, albeit very long, first IMM! Can't wait to keep this going. :)

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Review #48: Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Greetings my lovely, fantastic comrades! Here's my review of Hereafter! Can't wait

Hereafter is the first in the Hereafter series by Tara Hudson. Amelia is 18, and she's dead. A ghost haunting the bridge and river where she died, Amelia does not remember anything from her life, not how she died, except her first name and some very vague memories. One day, during her lifeless (ha, pun xD) existence, she encounters Joshua, a boy her age, drowning the exact same way she did. Amelia only knows she wants the boy to live and essentially wills him back to life. From there they begin a tenuous love story, one that might be halted by the malicious and evil ghost Eli, who wants Amelia all to himself, forever.

I adore this book lots. I devoured it in almost two days. That hasn't happened in a while. I was utterly hooked on Tara's writing, and utterly beautiful story. I haven't seen a YA Paranormal Romance that has dealt with ghosts as the creatures before. Vampires, sure. Werewolves, you bet. Faeries, them too. All except ghosts, so this was an interesting concept. Also, this book, like all of the books on my CR list, have been extremely hyped up in the blogosphere before it came out. It got great reviews and great praise. I can understand why. This book is just fantastic, and original and beautiful and just brilliant. 

This story was quite unique. Well, not entirely, since it IS a Paranormal YA romance after all. But the ghost element, as I've earlier stated, I haven't seen ghosts incorporated as the main PNR element before, therefore this book, at least in one aspect, is unique. This story spellbound me, I loved Amelia's story and her love for Joshua and her encounters, and later troubles, with Eli, that mischievous and malevolent ghost. Everything flowed nicely. Ok, I'll admit, the romance was a bit rushed, as the entire story occurs in about a week at most, but it wasn't insta-love. And for that, I thank you, Ms. Hudson. I loved all parts of the novel, especially one scene with Joshua and Amelia in Joshua's room. It is probably my favorite scene. 

Now onto the characters. Amelia is brilliant. I loved watching her journey from in the shadows and ignorant about who she is, what happened to her, etc, to a strong person/ghost who has found everything out, and stands up for what she believes in, even willing to fight for it. Her growth is fascinating, and I can't wait to witness even more growth in book two. I also loved Joshua, but not as much. I do wish he were real, because I'd want to be in a relationship with him. He's so loving and accepting (almost too accepting) of Amelia being a ghost. But then again it's in his nature, as explained in the novel. He's funny and sweet and caring, not at all obsessive or controlling, which I love. Man oh man, I wish he were real. Eli, now he was a malevolent being. Not on the level of Cain and Drake from Gone, but still pretty frightening. My throat closed up at certain points due to my being so scared. Also, characters such as Ruth or Jillian were fun to read about, even if I did want to smack Ruth in the face, despite her being A. fictional, and B. elderly. 

Good god, Ms. Hudson's prose is gorgeous. I mean that, it is gorgeous. Her prose is one of the reasons I read this book so fast. I love her writing style entirely, and can foresee Ms. Hudson having a long and illustrious career. Her descriptions, her world building, how she played the romance, just everything was gorgeous. That word is probably best describing this novel and the prose, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. 

I can't praise this book enough. If you love YA, Paranormal, Romance or ghosts, you'll love this book. Pick it up in one way or another.

I'll next be reviewing Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

Currently Reading #2

Hello my lovely, fantastic literary comrades! It feels like forever since I've last posted. I apologize deeply and sincerely for that. I think I might start getting into the blog memes like IMM and such, just to keep posting regularly. Don't know yet, so keep an eye out! Anyway, here's my current Currently Reading List. 

I've decided to do a theme for this list, and it's Paranormal YA Romance. Well, with one Steampunk romance, but we'll let that slide ;). Here are the books:

1. Hereafter - Tara Hudson
2. Unearthly - Cynthia Hand
3. Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
4. The Iron King - Julie Kagawa
5. The Strange Case of Finley Jayne and The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross (Counting both as one as TSCOFJ is a 78 pg prequel)
6. Die for Me - Amy Plum
7. Angel Burn - L.A Weatherly
8. Nevermore - Kelly Creagh

So there you have it! My currently reading list for a while. I actually finished Hereafter last night and will be reviewing it shortly. I also noticed that all these books are debuts and most have come out this year. Hmm, cool :) Hope all is well

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review #47: Gone by Michael Grant

Why hello there my lovely, amazing and patient literary comrades. I hope you all have been well. I apologize for not posting this sooner, but I got a job and barely have time to read anymore. Regardless, I've just finished this book today and can't wait to start gushing. Let the gushing commence!

Gone is the first in the Gone series by the brilliant and fantastically genius Michael Grant (fun fact, he's married to K.A Applegate, of Animorphs fame. How cool is that?). One day, in the sleepy, small town of Perdido Beach, all people ages 15 and up just disappear, gone (hehe gotta love that, using gone as the name of the book and then using it as the description). Which means only the kids 14 and under remain. Then an invisible shield closes Perdido Beach off from the rest of the world, isolating the kids. Simultaneously, some kids start developing supernatural abilities, as well as some with very sinister intentions coming down town. 

Holy Austin Power's mojo, where has this book been all my life? How have I not read it until now? It's absofreakinglutely brilliant. No matter, I've read it and had my mind properly blown. I know I've said that I absolutely adore some a good chunk of the books I've reviewed, but truly, this book is just, I can not find the words to explain. Grant writes so well, and puts together such a utterly spellbinding work of literature. I have a sneaking suspicion this book will not leave my conscious for quite a while. 

The story - how do I explain this in a neutral way? Ah, screw it, gushing it is! I ADORE this story. If I had a physical copy of Gone, I'd cuddle with it at night (is that weird?), it's that good. I love the idea of all people ages 15 and up just disappear, and an invisible dome covers the town, leaving the kids to fend for themselves. I went through the whole spectrum of emotions, and at some points almost threw my Nook against a wall (thankfully that didn't happen). There were so many brilliantly written twists that I thought my mouth would forever be in a state of shock, frozen like that as long as I live. You literally could not predict a thing in this book, which I love. I loved how we followed a great cast of characters, and how this story took a fantastic path. Plus that ending was unexpected, yet poignant and well done. It will shock you in the best sense of the word.

Characterwise, I loved every single character in their own way. Even the villains, because they were such great villains. I think Sam, Astrid and Edilio are my favorite characters. Yes, those three are absolutely my favorites. Sam is a perfect hero. He had a previous stint with heroism, yet preferred to fade into the backround. I love him so much, even though he's 14 and I'm 19. There's also the fact that he's fictional. His journey was fascinating, and kept me glued to my Nook when I was reading the book. Astrid was great as well. Seeing her go through things while figuring out that not everything has a logical explanation and she didn't know everything was brilliant. Also her relationship with her brother Little Pete was great to read about. She and Sam also had a bit of a romance going on, which came to be a great love, not insta-love, as well as being a great distraction from some of the action going on. Edilio flat out rocked. His loyalty to Sam, unwavering and true, struck a cord with me. I also felt for him when he dealt with some nasty talk about his race/nationality. I just love Edilio, period. Caine and Drake were utterly brilliant villains. I got chills just reading their dialogue and what went on in their heads. They are two of the most evil and sick villains I've ever read about. For that, I thank Michael Grant, because these days a good chunk of YA villains are half-assed, or not very evil or bad. These two, Drake and Caine, are evil incarnate, Drake moreso.

How do I explain my love of Michael Grant's writing? Simply put, he's a master, a genius. I fell in love with his writing. I adore it. The way he gets into what he writes, no matter what, is just beyond my imagination. His descriptions, his characters, his twists (oh my god, those twists.), just everything was sublime. He has most definitely become one of my all time favorite authors. 

I recommend this to ANYONE, I mean that. Anyone can love this. Yes there is violence, but it's not gratuitous, and adds to the story. 

I will put up my next currently reading list soon. Much love to you all.

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!