Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review #49: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Hello again my fantastic comrades! Got another book review for y'all, so lets away!

Unearthly is the first in the Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand. Clara is a 16 year old girl who found out that she was a quarter angel on her mother's side. She also found out that every angel, including herself, have a purpose, a reason for being. She keeps having visions of her purpose, consisting of a wildfire and a boy she knows is integral. These visions lead Clara, her mother and brother to move all the way from California to Wyoming. There, Clara meets Christian Prescott, the aforementioned boy in her visions/purpose. While trying to piece it all together, Clara also meets Tucker Avery, a boy who gets on her nerves, and also worms his way into her heart (I smell a love triangle). Will Clara fulfill her purpose? What of her love life? And will she make sense of all the angel-ness going on in her life?

This books is great. Not the best book I've read all year (that's reserved for Gone), but still great. I loved the fast pacing, the writing, just everything. The story progressed well, with a beginning, a middle and an ending. I have to talk about the ending for a second because that's probably my favorite part of the entire book, besides Clara and Tucker's developing relationship. ??? WHAT was THAT? Really? Really Cynthia Hand? You literally just blew my mind with that ending you crafted. I mean my god, I haven't seen a surprise twist ending like that since Gone, and while that wasn't very long ago, I am still extremely shocked. Holy crap that ending was fantastic. 

Characterwise, Clara was decent. She wasn't a Mary Sue, which was nice. I loved her entire character, bad qualities and all. Her journey was fascinating, especially since she didn't change all that much, yet she really did. Tucker, oh my freaking god, Tucker. I think I'm head over heels. I mean it, he is seriously sexy. If he were real, I would find him and kiss him square on the lips, that's how much I love Tucker. He is sweet and sexy and caring, and would do anything for Clara. He's also sarcastic and funny. In essence, my perfect guy. Christian is decent. I mean he surprised the hell out of me during the ending (oh that ending), but other than that I wasn't impressed. I heard the second book, Hallowed, will focus more on Christian, so I hope I might like him more, although he still doesn't hold a candle to Tucker. Wendy was great, I loved her, as well as Angela. Angela was kind of kick-ass. 

I enjoyed Ms. Hand's writing style. It was in present tense, so you saw everything as it happened. I loved how easy she wrote as Clara, and her twists and her setting up the world of the angels and how everything works. 

If you love a good angel romance story, you'll like this. 

I'll next be reviewing Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

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