Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review #50: Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Hello my fabulous comrades! Hope all is well on this beautiful day :). You know, I just noticed that this is my 50th review. Holy smokes, I can't believe it! Seriously, it feels like ages ago since i started this blog. I appreciate those following me, and that read this blog that was started on a whim. <3 you all. Anyway, lets get started! :)

Raised by Wolves is the first in the Raised by Wolves series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Bryn is a 15 year old human girl who has been raised by werewolves since being found by an alpha wolf after a brutal attack that killed her parents (they were killed by a rogue were). A chain of events leads Bryn to discover a werewolf locked in Callum's (her guardian) basement, that sets off another chain of events that lead Bryn to push against the pack's constraints. 

I love this book. I know I've said that about the last couple of books I've reviewed on here but it's true. This book is fantastic, it truly is. I love the spin it makes of the Werewolf Paranormal subgenre. I was sucked in from page one, watching the plot unfold. There were moments where I literally gasped and almost yelled "WHAT?!?!? WTF IS GOING ON?" A good twist makes this book junkie happy, guaranteed :). The story also flowed well, never disjointed, which is always a great thing if it's not on purpose.

Characters: I thought Bryn was a perfect heroine for this novel. Being a human who was raised by werewolves since she was young, she shaped an identity that was the polar opposite of the Pack. I loved her sarcasm, her wit, just her whole character in general. Chase was a great love interest, strong and sweet and sexy. I appreciate how Ms. Barnes didn't shift the focus to their connection/potential romance. It was there, but I truly admire Barnes for not being one of those authors who bring in the potential love interest, and make the rest of the story about the romance. Thank god. On a side not, damn Chase is sexy, and his name really is ironic lol. Devon, Bryn's best friend, is hilarious. Almost akin to Simon in COB. His scenes and his lines were classic. Plus he's a theater geek like me. That gives him an automatic favorite in my book. I can just imagine us quoting shows and having a blast in real life. I hope they feature him more in Trial by Fire. Lake was great as well, sarcastic and funny, almost Bryn's second, more mischievous half. I also love how the parents/parental figures were there, and most weren't made into cartoon cut-outs or villains. Well, most of them weren't villains. 

I enjoyed the writing style of Ms. Barnes. It wasn't disjointed, which was fantastic. She built her world well, and still left me clamoring for more. I was entirely fascinated by the wolves' world, and I can't wait to see what Barnes does in the second book. She wrote great twists. All together, she is utterly talented.

If you love werewolves, you'll love this book. Although, anyone can read it. 

I'll next be reviewing The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Until next time comrades, viva la literature!

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