Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bad Book Round Up #1

Hello again everyone! Like I said, this was a sort of special post. You see, the books in this new segment I've created are either bad or just something else. They were stringed in a row on the current CR list. So instead of making separate reviews for each book, I decided to round them up and explain why I didn't finish them in a short and sweet paragraph. So here's the first edition of Bad Book Round-Up:

1. A Dozen Deadly Roses by Kathy Bennett
   I could read this one. But not for the usual reasons. I mean I literally couldn't read it. It would not open up on my Nook, despite the numerous times I tried to read it. So eventually I gave up and hopefully I'll be able to fix this and read it soon. I was looking forward to reading it. 

2. Gamers by Thomas K. Carpenter
   I had such high hopes for this one. After seeing it on a facebook cheap ebook page, I fell in love with the synopsis. I mean, a dystopian novel based around video games? That is a genius idea! Unfortunately, it just fell flat. There was little to no explanation of how this world came to be. Also I didn't understand what the main character was saying half of the time. The vocabulary was made up of futuristic terms that I had no idea what they meant. I was so excited to see where this would go, and I was devastated when it fell beyond flat. Such a shame and waste of a brilliant concept.

3. Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher
   This one got a pretty good buzz on the internet and on Goodreads. Plus it was cheap as a NOOKbook. So I was sad when I found prose so stiff, if it were wood it would snap at a mere touch. Plus the main character felt so dull to me, and only described things around her as such. She had no life. Such a shame xD.

Anyway, that's the first ever Bad Book Round-Up. Hopefully these posts will be limited. I don't like doing this, but it's the only way I can see reviewing these books. 

I'll next be reviewing Feed by Mira Grant. That one's going well so far, so that's a good thing :)

Until next time, viva la literature!

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