Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review #73: Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon

Ciao everyone! Have another book review for y'all, so lets get to it! :)

Beautiful Demons is the first in the Peachville High Demons series by Sarra Cannon. Harper has just gotten kicked out of her 6th (I think) foster home in less than 3 years. Her last chance is a girls home in Peachville, Georgia. Harper also keeps a secret, she can make things happen when she's angry, such as move objects, and start fires. She knows she can't mess this last chance up, so she tries her hardest. But Harper quickly sees that there is something strange about Peachville, especially with the cheerleaders. What Harper uncovers will shock her, and also bring her closer to potentially finding out more about her past. 

This was a fabulous read. I devoured it in two days. My eyes were practically glued to my Nook when I wasn't in class today. I loved this version of witches and fascinated at how Peachville worked as a town with all the mysticism. Plus that ending threw me for a loop. I mean holy crow! Did NOT expect that one coming. But it was so great in that I didn't see it coming. Gotta love a good ole fashioned shocking twist. :)

Harper was a great protagonist. I loved her journey through this twisty story. Plus she kicked butt when she needed to. I loved her tenacity and determination to find out the truth. Jackson was probably my favorite of the characters. The little I saw of him made me swoon like hell. I really hope he's in the second book more. Most of the side characters weren't really developed, but they served their purposes well. I do hope they are more developed in the second book, because I think they'd all be interesting to read. I don't want to mention one of the characters because they have a part in the twist ending. I will say this, you will be shocked. 

I liked Cannon's writing style. It was simplistic, easy to follow and sucked me in easily. She had me begging for more. I loved this so much I almost decided to forget the current CR list in order to read the second book (which I already had). 

If you love witches and Paranormal in general, you'd like this.

I have a sort of special (emphasis on sort of) coming in a few minutes. Stay tuned. 

Until next time, viva la literature!

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