Friday, July 8, 2011

Review #37: Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Hello my lovely literary comrades! I hope the weekend will be fantastic for everyone :). I have to gush about this book so lets get to it ^^

Ascend is the 3rd and final book in Amanda Hocking's wildly popular Trylle Trilogy. In it our intrepid heroine Wendy has taken on more responsibility and has some heavy things to deal with. Will she survive the imminent attack on her people by The Vittra? And what about her love life? All that and more are answered in this final installment. 

Holy schneikes I am in love with this book. I want to marry it and buy a house with it. xD Yes it is that good. I can't believe how the book ended. That ending! Holy crap that ending. It shocked me and made me happy and all these different conflicting emotions. And that is such a wonderful thing. I literally gasped at some points. I loved how this book flowed nicely plot-wise. There were some twists that I could not believe (hold on it's 11:11. Ok I'm back.). I'm honestly sad that it's come to an end, but it was a very satisfying ending, and for that I'm glad.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Wendy's growth into a mature young woman, who takes responsibility and is such a wonderful person. I feel like I was right there with her on her 3 book journey. She was so selfless and always tried to help everyone. Finn was Finn. He wasn't in the book as much but that was ok, because another man from this series has stolen my heart. What can I say about Loki? He's completely stolen Finn's thunder. I loved how his relationship with Wendy was set up in Torn, and it just blossomed in Ascend. I won't tell you what happens but I will say it was fun to read ;). Wisecracking, funny and very sweet, Loki stole my heart and threw away the key (cliche but it works). Ugh why can't he be real? Why? Loki was amazing. Of course, Willa and Matt were wonderful as always, they had lesser parts as well but were still present and potent. Tove, man oh man. I liked the interesting turns his character took in this novel. At one point I was literally shocked at his actions. But he was still Tove and still the loveable guy he always was. 

I still adore Amanda's writing style. It was perfect and fabulous. She expanded upon her world even more, and added a glossary of some things at the end, which was nice. Again, that ending she wrote. *Gives applause* Kudos Ms. Hocking, kudos. You truly know how to suck a person into your story, and for that I applaud you. 

I recommend this to anyone, this series is wonderful and utterly deserving of all the praise it gets. I will be thinking about this series for a while. 

I'll next be reviewing Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell.

Until next time comrades

Viva la literature! 

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