Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review #43: Tweet Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick

Hello my lovely and beautiful literary comrades! Hope your weekends were well. This is a surprise review since I bought this book and devoured it on a whim today. Lets get to it!

Tweet Heart is by Elizabeth Rudnick. It centers on four friends: Claire, Will, Lottie, and Bennett. Claire is your average girl, who has a crush on the Alpha Male senior of her High School, JD. Will is in love with her, but can't find a way to tell her he feels. Lottie is a lacrosse player who hasn't realized what she wants in a guy. And Bennett is a sci/fi geek who thinks he knows all. Bennett gets an idea for Will to act as J.D for one tweet, but it gets out of hand and spirals out of control. 

This book and I have an interesting relationship. I first heard about it on GR from Misty, aka The Book Rat. She rated and reviewed it, and it looked good. I confess, I tried finding a Nookbook version and was quite disheartened when I found out it didn't exist for Nook. Then today, I was out with one of my absolute best friends and we ventured into a bookstore. As I perused the teen section, I spotted a lone copy of this book, sitting on the shelf. It was practically shouting at me "BUY ME! BUY ME!" I listened and immediately purchased it. Then as today went on, I devoured it. Here are my thoughts:

I love this book. It is very good, very reminiscent of Lauren Myracle's TTYL. It's told in tweets, blogs, and emails (which is the book's tagline, hehe). I liked that unique approach, and even though I am not on Twitter, I loved that Rudnick utilized it as her main way of communicating the story. The characters were well developed, the story was fantastic, everything was great. I have no qualms with it whatsoever. A very sweet and funny story.

I like the character of Claire. She's sweet and funny. Your average girl, but she was such a great character. She was so blinded by her infatuation with J.D that she didn't realize what was in front of her. I liked watching her throughout the whole book. Lottie was great. I loved how she thought she knew what she wanted in a guy, and was surprised at the end (you will be too). She was a great best friend to Claire, very supportive and sweet. Will, well I loved him. Yes the main reason for the plot made him sort of unlikeable, but he did it out of love. And while yes, it wasn't right what he did, I still fell for him. And Bennett, well he was freaking fantastic. Hilarious and just wonderful. I laughed out loud so many times from what he said,

Rudnick has a great book here. I can't really comment much on style, because this book is mostly told through tweets, but I loved, loved, loved how she absolutely got into her character's heads. She crafted one hell of a story. I can't wait to see what else she does. 

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for something fun, light, and at times laugh out loud funny. If you have an eReader, you'll have to get a physical copy, but it is well worth the $7.99, I promise. 

I am still reading The Kane Chronicles, and will finish and review it soon. In the meantime, I hope y'all enjoyed this random review :)

Until next time comrades.

Viva la literature!

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