Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review #40: Heist Society by Ally Carter

Hello my lovely amazing literary comrades! Wow, we've made it to 40 reviews! I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday I was starting a blog, inspired by a friend of mine. Here's to 40 more! :) Anyway there's lots to talk about, so lets away!

Heist Society is by Ally Carter. It's the first book in the Heist Society series. It centers on Katarina Bishop, a 15 year old girl who comes from a long and distinguished line of thieves. She is a thief herself, but realizes she no longer wants this life, and scams her way into the best school in the U.s. Only 3 months into her new life, she is framed for a crime and expelled from school. Realizing it's her old friend and conspirator Hale, she finds out from him that a man named Arturo Taccone has had a few of his most prized paintings stolen, and her father is the only suspect. Kat's only recourse is to steal the paintings back from who really committed the crime. She has less than two weeks and a teenage crew. Will she be able to pull it off in time?

This book ROCKS. It's fabulousness can not be measured. Fresh and unique, filled with great writing and great characters, with some nice twists added in. I adore this book and it's amazing story. I was glued to my Nook like nobody's business. Some compare it to Ocean's 11 with kids, and I can see that. But this supersedes Ocean's 11 comparisons for me. I loved reading this, hoping Kat, Hale, and co would succeed and make it in time. The suspense was mind-boggling. The moments when I gasped were the best, because a book that makes you gasp rocks hard. 

Kat is a fantastic character. I admire her so much. She could have been a typical heroine, but she wasn't. She wanted more than the life she had. Didn't want to be thief for her entire life. It felt a little bit Godfather-esque (you know that line from Part III.) when she gets pulled back into her old life. Kat is a smart, cunning, kick-ass character who I'd want to be friends with in real life. As a reviewer I admire once said, yes she was clueless about how Hale felt towards her, but other than that she is an amazing leading heroine (I'm vaguely paraphrasing). I loved reading her journey throughout the book. Hale, oh Hale. Why are almost all of the male leads I read about so sexy? Hale is a brilliant character. I loved reading all of his scenes. He was sexy, smart, sweet, etc. I loved his and Kat's relationship. You could tell there was chemistry, but neither acted on it. I loved how jealous he was about Nick. I so wish he were real so I could ask him out. The Bagshaws were hilarious, I loved them. Simon was funny as well as smart and could be smarmy. Gabrielle, Kat's cousin, was fascinating. In the book, she's "the hot one," the one who uses her sexiness, and in doing so usually acts the part. But she's every bit as smart and cunning as Kat, especially when she drops the act. I loved her scenes with Kat, their verbal sparring was hilarious. 

Carter has a fantastic writing style. She makes me want to read her Gallagher Girls series, and I just might do so. It was fresh and crisp, yet fun and fabulous. I loved the world she created of the thieves, and the characters and everything. She wove art history perfectly into this novel. 

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone, anywhere. You will all enjoy it :)

I'll next be reviewing Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory.

Until next time comrades.

Viva la literature!

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