Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review #38: Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell

Hello my lovely wonderful literary comrades! Hope today was wonderful. Went to see Horrible Bosses and it was freaking amazing. I didn't expect it to be so funny, but it was. Me and my parents were laughing our butts off. But I digress. Lets talk books!

Sounds of Murder is the first Pamela Barnes book by Patricia Rockwell. It stars acoustics expert/professor Dr. Pamela Barnes. After conducting a late night class, she and her assistant Kent Drummond (bit of a pun possibly?) find the body of well known and well disliked Charlotte Clark, a colleague of Pamela. After speaking with the police, Pamela discovers a recording accidentally made while the murder was being committed. Consumed by a sense of obligation, Pamela scrambles to use the recording to identify the killer.

Damn this book was fantastic.I mean it dragged a bit in the beginning, but it got progressively better as I continued reading. I liked how this wasn't the normal murder mystery. , and it wasn't cookie cutter which made it even better. I loved the plot, how Pamela felt like she needed to avenge Charlotte, how the plot twists played out, everything. It wasn't the most suspenseful mystery, but you didn't figure out who it was in the first couple of chapters, which I loved.

Pamela was a great character. Well developed, relatable and not unlikeable, which was nice. She was driven by purpose and a need to find the killer, even though she was an everyday person. Plus her inner thoughts could be quite humorous at times. Then there was an array of colorful characters such as Pamela's fellow professors. Such as Jean and Arliss, etc. No side character was flat and one dimensional. I love it when the side characters have personality. Kent was fantastic, even though he wasn't in the story all that much. I hope there is more Kent in the next novel. I also quite enjoyed Pam's husband Rocky and daughter Angela. Rocky is that sweet protective husband every girl dreams of. I loved how much he cared for Pam and enjoyed reading all of the scenes he was in. Angela was a great and fun character. She could be very witty and charming at times. 

I enjoyed Ms. Rockwell's writing style. I'll admit it was a bit dry at the beginning, but it was overall fantastic. I loved how she wrote everything, and she is quite good at surprising her readers with a twist.

Overall I loved this book and recommend it to anyone if they want a different kind of mystery novel. 

Until next time comrades.

Viva la literature!

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