Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review #39: The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker

Hello my lovely literary comrades! I hope the weekend went well for everyone :). Lets talk some books :)

The Liar Society is by sister writing team Lisa and Laura Roecker. It centers on Kate Lowry, a pink, witty and snarky girl who is still reeling from the death of her best friend Grace. One day she receives an email from the deceased Grace, saying she must solve the mystery of her best friend's death. Already convinced Grace's death was not accidental, Kate goes on a journey to avenge her friend and find out the truth behind what happened, as well as fall in love along the way.

I quite enjoyed this novel. It was a mix of a number of genres - romance, mystery, action, etc with the theme of dealing with the death of someone close to you and learning to let go and move on. At first I thought that was a lot to deal with, but the Roeckers blended them all together nicely. I loved how quick the plot moved and all of the twists at the end (and there were quite a few). I didn't enjoy the flashbacks, but they were alright.

I enjoyed Kate as a leading character. She was fiery and spunky and didn't take sh*t from anyone. I loved how she would not back down in her quest for justice. Also I liked watching her road to finally accepting Grace's death and learning to let go. She was level headed and a dynamic character to follow. I also loved that she had pink hair, because it's such a cool thing. The one thing I did not like about her was only calling Bethany by her mean nickname, even though it was appropriate. It wasn't really mature even though they're all in 10th grade. Still, it bothered me. Liam, such a sexy guy, I want him to be real. He had secrets and his own burdens, but also truly cared for Kate and wanted to be with her, which was incredibly sweet. Then Seth, the nerdy best friend who wanted more. Oh but he was such fun. I loved every scene he was in, laughing at some of his lines. Shame he couldn't get Kate to reciprocate his feelings, but they worked so well as friends. The three as a trio working together was fun. Liam and Seth were hilarious when put together, I could not stop laughing. The three were such a great team as a crime solving group. The other kids were such a colorful cast of people. Maddie was a nice one to read, because of all that she did and went through, and how she came together at the end. Others such as Taylor, Alistair, etc were nice to read, and how integral they really were with the story was sort of startling, but in a good way. The adults? Frankly I wanted to slap them all, except for Ms. D. Kate's parents were total buttheads, even though I understand their concern. But they should have took the time to listen to Kate instead of forcing her to do things she did not want to do. And the principal, X_X. I do not even want to get into his character. He scared and pissed me off at the same time. 

I loved the Roecker's styles. They blended well and made for a great book. I do feel like the end was a bit of an infodump with all the twists and everything that came out. But in the end it was all really important. 

I can't wait to read the sequel. 

If you want a fun and fast read, pick this up. 

Until next time comrades. 

Viva la literature!

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