Monday, July 25, 2011

Review #44: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Hello my lovely literary comrades! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and start of the new week! Let the reviewing commence!

The Red Pyramid is the first in the new Kane Chronicles series by the wondrous Rick Riordan. It centers on Carter and Sadie Kane, siblings who at very young ages were separated and raised as such. Due to this they aren't as close or understand each other as well. Near Christmas Eve, when Carter and their dad are visiting Sadie, they take a detour and the siblings' lives change forever, and are entwined with the Egyptian gods. 

O.O Holy macaroni, why the hell didn't I read this sooner? I mean it, why? Did I just ignore it? Or not even know it existed? Either way I've read it and am now convinced that Rick Riordan will go down as one of the greats. His writing is so fluid and full of suspense, twists and humor that you can't help but fall in love with this book. I loved that sort of subtle wink at the Percy Jackson series, that was fantastic :). I was just in love immediately from the first page. The plot flowed so well and I loved all the twists thrown at me. The whole story made me feel the whole spectrum of emotions, which bumps this book up.  The dueling POV's didn't deter anything, and I felt that both voices were distinct, never blending into each other. Both characters had great development the whole way. 

Carter was fantastic. I loved his character. Being raised by his father, he had a vast knowledge of Egyptian mythology, as well as knowledge of various things. He was quiet and shy but had a great development into a more confident and determined character. If he were a little bit older, I would totally swoon over him. Sadie, she is kick ass. I adored her snarky nature, because it seemed close to mine. She had a different upbringing, and was in a stark contrast to Carter. Sadie is outgoing, determined, and unrelenting. I also loved her development and journey throughout the novel. Bast, ahh Bast. I have to say she is possibly one of my favorite characters in this book. She was just so bleeping amazing. I felt such an attachment to her that if anything happened to her in the slightest I felt a tug at my heart and tears start to come to my eyes. Here's a fact about me, I am oddly stoic. I don't cry easily. It's weird. So for me to almost cry while reading about a fictional character is utterly amazing to me. Other characters such as Horus, Amos, etc were well written and fleshed out, as Riordan does (which I adore). Hell even the villains were likable, which is a plus.

As usual, Riordan is absolutely fantastic. I'll use a word made up on SNL and say he is scrumtrillescent (sp?). Yes I said it. He has one of the best writing styles ever. I adore all of his books that I've read, and that would be the PJ series and this book. I have no complaints whatsoever. He crafted this world that was so believable, I felt like I was right there in the action. My hat is off to you good sir!

I'll be reviewing Confessions of a Shopaholic next, and it won't be good.

Until next time comrades (which is soon.)

Viva la literature!

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