Monday, July 18, 2011

Review #41: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory

Hello my lovely literary comrades! I hope your weekends were fantastic! I have lots to talk about so lets go!

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is the first in the Jolie Wilkins series by H.P. Mallory. As I've just said, it stars Jolie Wilkins, who runs a tarot cards shop and is psychic (hence running a tarot shop). She meets Rand Balfour, who after requesting some unusual readings, as well as sending a ghost, deduces and informs Jolie that she is a witch. You find out later that she has a very rare and unique ability to raise and bring the dead back to life. This ability brings her to the forefront of the Underworld, the hub of all supernatural activity, and every creature. She now has to hone her craft and also juggle her feelings for her boss Rand. Jolie has her work cut out for her!

I genuinely liked this book. It was cute and funny and had a great story. I loved the characters and all they brought. The plot had great twists which never hurts :). I do have one qualm though. For the love of all that is good, I detested every time Jolie went into minute detail about all of the sexy men she saw. Especially Rand. I mean come on I'm reading this for the story and the characters not how perfect and gorgeous someone is. I'm all for some good description of a sexy guy, but this was too much, almost Twilight level (I love Twilight, but it has that same problem. Don't need to hear how perfect and beautiful Edward is Bella, once was enough. xD). I just want to read the story not see minute/very very detailed descriptions of a guy's face, body, etc every couple of pages. Ok rant aside, I like this book a lot. The brewing conflict was great to read, especially when it came to a head near the end of the novel. 

Jolie was a great character. She started off shy with low self esteem/confidence, and not believing she was a witch, to a confident woman who believed in herself (to a degree) and was comfortable being a witch. Aside from that ogling issue (as stated above), she was a lovely dynamic character. Rand was great as well. Although I understood why he couldn't give into his feelings for Jolie, I just wanted to also see him profess his love. I'm a romantic at heart and thought it would have been uber sweet. I loved his quips and how much he cared for Jolie. Sinjin, ah Sinjin. I very much like him. He was very funny, but also had a sweet side that came out now and again. Even though he's mysterious for most of the book, you still feel something for him, and feel a growing connection/attachment. The other characters, like Christa (whom was hilarious and awesome), Pelham, etc were great, as well as well developed, which is essential. 

I still love H.P's writing style, despite that one setback. She knows how to craft a story, as well as mythology. I had a hard time putting this book down at times. Keep up the great work H.P!

I will be putting up my review of Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray, after I post this one.

Until next time comrades.

Viva la literature!

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