Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review 122: Inner Demons by Sarra Cannon

Inner Demons is the second book in the Peachville High Demons series by Sarra Cannon. Goodreads says:

Becoming a Demons cheerleader was the last thing Harper Madison expected when she moved to the small town of Peachville. Now that she's an official member of the squad, her training can begin. Only, this is no normal group of cheerleaders. Harper isn't there to learn dances and cheers. She became a cheerleader in order to finally learn how to control the magic inside.

The Peachville Demons cheer leading squad is really a training ground for a powerful coven of witches called the Order of Shadows. The training opens up a new world for Harper. It's a world of beauty and magic beyond her wildest dreams, but also a world of pressure and impossible expectations.

A world where every secret hides an even darker secret.

For my review of the first book, Beautiful Demons, click here.

Ugh, this book was such a disappointment after BD. The first book was so damn good, and this was well, not. I literally could not find a single reason to finish it and see what came next. Honestly, the plot became just so generic, uninteresting and just not good.

Frankly, Harper became a bland character in this one. She didn't do much til the end, had serious brain farts, and just wasn't likable. None of the other characters felt real, or likable themselves. And the third member of the triangle, Jackson, had his own personality squandered.

Damn, what happened Ms. Cannon? BD was a genius and brilliant novel, and then this? I'm sorry, but you have so much in you, and I just can't fathom why you wrote Inner Demons this way. I'm sorry, but I can't continue this series. *Hangs head in silence*

I'll next be reviewing The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine.

Until next time, viva la literature!

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