Monday, May 16, 2011

Review #12: TURNED by Morgan Rice

Hello my literary comrades! How have you been? Great? That's fantastic! Well, lets get started. Get on your glasses, sit in your reading chairs, and lets get started!

TURNED is by Morgan Rice. It is about a girl named Caitlin Paine, who is just starting at a new school in New York. She finds out that she is a vampire, or a half breed. From there she is thrust into the vicious world of the vampires.

I'm not going to lie, the plot was a bit scattered and choppy. You went from one event to a completely different one the next thing you know. And The end feels extremely rushed. The ending is a cliffhanger, but then again it's the first in a series so that is sort of expected. But I barely even remembered getting to the ending, let alone how Caitlin and her love interest developed their love! There was almost no time to feel anything for the two as a couple! 

Characters: Ehhh..... Caitlin is ok as a heroine, definitely not the greatest. She has little to no development, and I was not attached at all. Plus she has that Bella quality of going from one love interest to another. That said she had her moments of likability, but they were rare at best. As for Caleb, the love interest, again, there was almost barely any time to meet him, let alone feel a semblance of a connection to him. And again, there was almost no time to attach yourself to the duo as a couple! Their relationship wasn't even developed! The other characters were ok at most, but not very good. Plus there was another sort of love interest for our heroine that was in essence shoved aside and forgotten. 

I honestly didn't like Ms. Rice's writing style.Out of nowhere the main protagonist is shoved into the spotlight in the vampire world with almost no explanation. Plus you don't have any time to explore the vampire mythology set up. There is very little explanation of anything, and the dialogue is very weak. 

I'll continue with the series, but only because I own them and I want to see if things get better. I understand this is Ms. Rice's first novel, and it was published for ebooks at first, so I will give her another chance

Until next time comrades

Viva la literature!  

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