Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review #14: The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty

Hello my literary comrades! Hope everyone is well. Get on your reading glasses, sit in your comfortable chair, and lets get started with the review!

The Year of Secret Assignments, or Finding Cassie Crazy in Australia, is by Jaclyn Moriarty. It is about three best friends, Cassie, Emily and Lydia, and how they are writing to pen pals for a yearlong English project. Over the course of the year they find the pen pal project (yay for alliteration ^_^) taking them on paths they never knew would exist. 

I should say, this is not my first time reading this book, but it has been a while so I felt like I was re-reading it with fresh new eyes. I love the plots. The novel starts out as a series of separate but connected story lines, with different asides thrown in. I love how each story are echo each other but with slightly different variants, except one. The three stories converge about halfway/near the end of the novel, and from there it's intrigue and action. I laughed, cried got angry, all the things a great book should make you feel. 

Characters: I love Cassie, Lydia and Emily. They are incredibly fascinating, three different girls who make up a trio. Each one is endearing in their own way. You become attached to them very quickly, and find yourself rooting for them just as quickly. I love how each grows and changes over the course of the novel. The two Brookfield pen pals you are supposed to like, you end up loving. Charlie and Seb are awesome characters who you could fall in love/hang out with.

The way this book is put together is fun/interesting. It is told through the letters between the pen pals, notebook and diary entries, and other various things. It is a fresh approach akin to the TTYL novels. You can discover things like a great mystery novel. I loved especially the letters between the pen pals. They showed brilliant banter and interaction between the characters, and felt like a movie script.

I recommend this for teenagers, or anyone really. If you love light, fun reads with a twist, you'll love this.

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