Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review #17: Shadowland by Meg Cabot

Hello my literary comrades! Hope the weekend has treated you well. Happy early Memorial Day to those who celebrate! And to those who don't, well happy day! Alright, lets get started!

Shadowland is by the awesome Meg Cabot, who wrote the uber popular Princess Diaries series. It's about a 16 year old girl named Susanna Simon, aka Suze (LOVE that name). She's a mediator, a person who can see ghosts, and helps them with their unfinished business, in order for them to cross to the other side. She moves from Brooklyn to Carmel, CA when her mom remarries/relocates. There, instead of the fresh start she was hoping for, she is in for a world of drama.

I love this plot, and the idea that you could have a gift like helping the dead, and hate it. Because it is plausible that a gift like that could ruin your life. I liked the way the novel went about itself, with the mix of fish out of water comedy and paranormal drama. Plus I loved the suspense of it. The refreshing twist on the paranormal is well, refreshing. 

I have to say, Suze is one of my heroes. She doesn't take crap from anyone, and can defend herself well, and yet still be vulnerable too. She was sarcastic and funny but knew when to be quiet. I feel we could be great friends if she were real. As for Jesse, is it possible to be attracted to a ghost? Man, is he hot *swoon*. I can't explain it, but he's just sexy and sweet and legitimately cares for Suze. Hell I wouldn't care if he wanted to kiss me ;). David, one of Suze's stepbrothers, was also one of my favorites. He's that annoyingly smart younger sibling who feels the need to dispense their knowledge whenever, but has good intentions and a good heart. All of the supporting characters were great as well, fully developed, not left by the wayside. I especially loved CeeCee and Adam :). 

I like the way Cabot wrote this. The way she just jumped into the mind of a 16 year old badass mediator was brilliant. Plus she is good at writing dialogue between her characters. 

If you love Meg Cabot, you'll love this. 

Until next time comrades

Viva la literature!
P.S Happy Memorial Day once again :)

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