Friday, September 16, 2011

Review #64: Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Ciao everyone! A happy Friday to all! I hope everyone will enjoy the weekend like the bosses you are :) Anyway, lets get on with the review!

Sloppy Firsts is the first book in the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. Jessica Darling is, at the start of the novel, almost 16 and a sophomore in High School. Her best friend Hope moves away, leaving Jessica devastated. During Hope's absence, Jess hangs with her "friends", the Clueless Crew, and forms an odd relationship with the class druggie, Marcus Flutie, who seemingly understands her. The book chronicles the year that follows Hope's move, told through journal entries and a monthly letter to Hope. You'll laugh, cry, all the good stuff. 

I love this book. I mean that. It's become one of my favorite contemporary books. It's also nostalgic because it takes place in the year 2000. I was 8 that year, and I remember so much from this book. This is just a great contemporary novel with a real girl as the main character, and juicy teenage drama. I love how it's all through sort of daily vignettes that have a sort of plot, but become more solid when you string them together. I love how smoothly it flows, everything tying into each other. You're glued to Jess' adventures with the Clueless Crew et. all. 

I mean it when I say this, I wish Jessica Darling were a real person, so we could become best friends. I know I've stated that numerous times, but I mean it the most here. Jess and I are so alike, it's not even funny. She's, as the description will tell you on Goodreads, hyperobservant. She's snarky, witty, intelligent, and funny. So many times while reading I kept thinking "Me too!" I was rooting for her wholeheartedly. If she were real, again I'd want her as my best friend, or sister. I was attached to watching her develop and make mistakes, while owning up to them. Now onto Marcus. I admit, at first I didn't like him. He was kind of a**holey. But by the end, whew! I am now officially Team Flutie. He's smart, sexy, funny, everything I'd want in a guy. He's not perfect, but that makes him even sexier. I also liked the other characters, in how bitchy they were. They're those girls who you look at and roll your eyes, but can't help but be glued to their drama and cluelessness. Some of them surprise you in great ways, like Bridget. 

I've read a book by Megan McCafferty before, Bumped. While that is a totally different book. But with this, I am completely sold on her. I believe this was her debut novel, and I can see why it made her well known. She has this knack for writing teenage life extremely well, and creating unforgettable characters that become standard. She makes such a great cast of characters, along with a story that takes you on a complete emotional roller coaster. In my opinion, she's up there with Sarah Dessen in the Best Contemporary Authors list. Megan, you officially have my full and total fandom :).

I'll next be reviewing The Sisters Club by Megan McDonald.

Until next time, viva la literature!

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