Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review #57: Throne of fire by Rick Riordan

Hello hello everyone! Hope this week is going well for ya. Have a book review, so lets get started! 

Throne of fire is the second book in the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. Carter and Sadie have been teaching their new recruits for a few months, but now class is over, and the final exam has come in the form of Apophis attempting to break out of his prison and destroy the world. Carter and Sadie must bring together their recruits and everyone they know to save the world once again.

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I love this book, a great follow up. While yes, it did seem a bit formulaic at times, that was few and far between. The story was fast paced, exciting, and fun. There was a bit more romance, but it didn't really bother me. 

Carter and Sadie showed some real growth, which I loved. They both matured and learned from everything that happened, while retaining their true selves and keeping their wits and styles. Sadie is still hilarious and deadpan, while Carter is still sensitive and kick butt. Zia was a bit different, but with  Bast is still a great character as well, although she wasn't in the novel much at all, which was greatly disappointing. Although, her replacement was just as awesome and fantastic. Which brings me to the host of new characters added in this novel. Walt and Jaz were great, though Walt was more developed, especially since Jaz is basically MIA for most of the book. Walt was a great addition, and I quickly became attached to him. His story made me cry at times, it was so beautifully sad. Bes, Bast's replacement, was kick-butt. He was funny and awesome, especially at the end, where I almost cried out in agony at what he did for Carter and Sadie. Apophis, and Vlad were super frightening. The whole time I had such a scary, ominous feeling from them that made me jump. 

Riordan never disappoints. He is such a fantastic writer, I am behind him 100%. His style is still tight and descriptive, keeping the characters constantly growing, never stunted. He pulls you in and keeps his world ever expanding. 

If you loved the first novel, you'll love this.

I'll next be reviewing Fins are Forever.

Until next time, viva la literature!

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