Monday, September 19, 2011

Review #66: Hidden Gem by India Lee

Hey everyone! Hope the weekend treated you guys well. Have a review for ya today, so lets get started!

Hidden Gem is the first in the Hidden Gem series (didn't know it was a series when I bought it xD Who knew?) by India Lee. Gemma Hunter lives dual lives, as herself and her pop star persona, Queen Bee. After wrapping her latest tour, Gemma is finally going to live a normal, regular life with her brother in a posh New Jersey town. Just as life is starting to settle, and her attraction to Lucas, her friend's boyfriend deepens, Tyler Chase, a mega pop star declares his love for Queen Bee. With that announcement, Tyler's extreme-rabid fanbase starts sites and campaigns dedicated to finding out QB's true identity. Will her dual lives collide? Will she save her normal life? Find out!

I liked this book quite a lot. It was quick and easy, but brought you in very fast. I feel this is what Hannah Montana could have been if it were for a teenage crowd plus Mean Girls style HS drama. It flowed along smoothly, sucking you in and having you rooting for Gemma super fast. I loved reading about all the drama, and hoping it would fix itself. 

I absolutely love Gemma. She was a great main character to follow. She felt like a good friend of mine, hence I was protective when I read about something bad happening to her. I rooted for her, cheered her on. Her Gemma side was relatable, and yet so was her Queen Bee persona, because Gemma kept part of herself when being QB. Then there's Lucas. Oh Lucas, you have officially become part of my Literary Crush list. Sexy, sweet, all the things a guy should be. Damn books for raising my expectations xD. *Sigh* I so wish he were real. Then there's Madison. You go on a roller coaster with how you feel about her. You'll have to read the book to understand why I wanted to smack her hard in the second half of the novel. The whole cast of characters were great. None were one note, except that one girl running a anti-Queen Bee site. Also Tyler Chase felt a little too much like Justin Bieber to me, which isn't good. 

I liked India Lee's writing style. It was fluid and fun. No flowery descriptions, tight storylines, etc. I am definitely a fan now. 

I'll next be reviewing Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik.

Until next time, later days.

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