Friday, September 16, 2011

Review #65: The Sisters Club by Megan McDonald

Hello again everyone! Back with another review in the same day, because this book was less than 100 pages on my Nook. Lets get started!

The Sisters Club is the first in the Sisters Club series by Megan McDonald, author of the beloved Judy Moody series. Alex, Stevie, and Joey are sisters living in Acton, Oregon (I think it's Oregon). Their town is rife with theater, and their family has a long line of actors. The three have a bond most sisters don't. The also have a club, The Sisters Club, comprised of only them. They will go through various dramas that test their bonds, but sisters are always forever!

I have a long history with this book. I had a well worn copy growing up, and I loved it. I was always reading it, and always as my fallback if I didn't have another book to read. Then, as I grew up, I lost it, and had forgotten all about it. Then, less than a week ago, my friends at The Cheap posted about it, saying that the NookBook version was only $1.99. Instantly remembering how much I loved it as a kid, I snapped it up like a snapdragon (not a very good one, I know xD). As I read it, I realized how much I missed it. Another thing I learned as I was buying it was that Ms. McDonald made it a series. Who knew?

I don't know how to review something that's close to my heart, but I'll start with I still love this book, after all these years. The story isn't too complex, just shows you the lives of three unforgettable and unique sisters. Each one has a distinct personality, as does this book's format. It's told through regular 1st person POV, scripts/transcripts, diary entries, etc. Each style fits the girls' personality which was very cool. The story flows pretty well, leading up to the semi-climactic ending, which was very heartwarming.

I won't really go into the characters, save for one thing. It's a single gripe I have with the novel that I didn't realize when I was reading this as a kid. Is it me, or do Alex, Stevie and Joey not speak like a 12, 10, or 8 year old? I mean it, they talk like mid teenagers, not the above ages. Especially Joey. I don't know an 8 year old who is THAT articulate. Maybe that's just me, but it bothered me how well spoken these girls were. Alex not so much, more-so Stevie and Joey. Maybe it's because I'm 19 and re-reading it now after a lengthy hiatus, but I feel like the way these girls speak is not realistic in any way. Other than that these characters are distinct, funny, and relatable. You love them like your own sisters, pulled into their simple dramas. 

I love how easily McDonald taps into the mind of a young girl. She does it so damned well. 

If you know anyone of Middle Grade age, recommend it to them. Although women of all ages can read it. Because honestly, this is not a gender-neutral book. It is totally a girls book, and that's ok. 

I'll next be reviewing Hidden Gem by India Lee.

Until next time, viva la literature!

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