Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review #55: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Greetings my gorgeous comrades! Damn, I just noticed I have posted so much this week. Wow! I must warn that posting might be more infrequent, as I'm starting up school again. I shall roll with the punches as life goes on. But anyway, lets talk literature! 

Nevermore is the first in a series by Kelly Creagh. Isobel is a junior in High School, a typical blonde cheerleader who hangs with the popular crowd. She gets paired up with Varen Nethers, a goth student who she would rather eat nails than work with. They must do a project on a dead author due Halloween, also the day of the highly anticipated rival game. As Isobel and Varen work on the project, they start getting closer, Isobel abandoning her friends to be with him. She becomes fascinated after sneaking a glimpse of his notebook. As time goes on, both fall in love, deeply, passionately. But Varen is steadily being pulled away into a dangerous dream world, and only Isobel can save him.

I had such high expectations of this book. After seeing great reviews, having it's praises sung so high, I was itching to read this. Sadly, it fell short a few notches. I found myself skipping pages, almost wanting to skip chapters. The story just didn't live up to snuff for me. I was bored quite easily at times. I do give credit to Kelly for using Poe as the basis for a YA Paranormal Romance. I mean, using Poe's stories, and the Poe Toaster! Being a fan of Poe, I was excited. It was a unique concept, and I do adore the dream world she created, that beautiful, frightening dream world. But I was just bored by the story itself. You should be engrossed while reading, not bored.

Isobel was a cool character. I do love when a character starts out one way, and gradually as the story goes on that character is more that what they seemed. She stood up for what she believed in, never faltering once, even if that meant losing her friends and social standing. Varen was great as well, just a really cool character/love interest. I do have a gripe, I didn't feel their romance so much. It moved soo slowly, too slowly. I know love doesn't happen fast, but this was at a snail pace. Brad, well he was an arse, a grade A one. I wanted to smack him and bring him to reality. Gah, I hate such maliciousness and ignorance. Gwen was awesome, especially since we're both New Yorkers :). Reynolds is one of my favorites, smugness and all. He was mysterious and grabbed my favor as soon as he appeared.

Again, kudos to Creagh for using an original concept for YA. I adored her dream world, wanting to get lost in it. Something I dislike is 3rd person POV, unless it is done really well, which I don't find often. This 3rd person fell flat. I would have loved to see Isobel's thoughts in 1st person, it would have been much better, at least to me. 

Overall, this book was decent. I'll read what happens next, to see what happens to Isobel and Varen. Hopefully Ms. Creagh will improve, and win my full favor.

I will be reviewing Uncommon Criminals next.

Until next time, viva la literature!

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