Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad Book Round-Up #5

If only these posts were more spaced out X_X Oh well, here we go again with another Bad Book Round-Up. 

Mozart's Blood by Louise Marley:
  *Sigh* I heard such great reviews for this one. Plus it was free on Nook. Damn shame. What made this book bad is the writing. I was unable to connect with the writing style. It was just bad. Plus the two main characters, Octavia and Ugo had such a hot and cold relationship, you couldn't connect to either one of them. All around a bad novel.

Vampire Vacation by C.J Ellison:
   Another one where the writing stunk/was wooden. Also the main character, Vivian yet again was totally unrelatable. Why oh why???

Moving on, it seems that with the end of this BBRU brings the end to another Currently Reading list. I will be writing it up as soon as this is posted, so keep an eye out :).

Until next time, viva la literature.

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