Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review #84: My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking

Hello again my friends! Have this review for y'all, lets get started :)

My Blood Approves is the first in the My Blood Approves series by the brilliant Amanda Hocking. Alice Bonham is a High School junior, leading a normal life with her family and best friend Jane. One night, through a series of events, meets Jack, a strange boy who takes a liking to her. While getting to know this oddly enamoring boy, she also meets his brother Peter, who instantly dislikes Alice. For some reason, Alice is attracted to Peter, despite him not returning the sentiment. What Alice does not know is the Townsends have a secret, one that Alice is dying to find out.

Thank god for this book. I mean that, it really pulled me out of slump I was feeling from Drink, Slay, Love. For a good chunk of the book, this feels like a Contemporary YA novel, but as you keep reading, you realize something is off about Jack and his "family." The paranormal aspect creeps up on you in a subtly satisfying way. There isn't action, but you never feel like there should be. Every time I had to put this book down, there was something in me that tried to pull me back in. 

Alice was pretty cool. I loved her wit, and she definitely was a deep thinker, sometimes bordering on over-analyzing. You could practically feel her being torn between what she knew, and what she wanted. The real star of the show, at least to me, was Jack. Jack is hands down my favorite character of the novel, next to Milo. Jack is just so funny and so out there, yet incredibly sweet and at times heartfelt. Man, I love Jack. He cared deeply for Alice and would do anything and everything for her. He was unique and didn't give a damn about what people thought. *Sigh* Then there's Milo. I loved him because he was sweet and caring, wanting Alice to be happy, yet had some conflicts of his own. Like Alice said, he was more like her older brother than little brother. I'd love it if Milo was real and my little brother. Peter felt too much like Edward Cullen, in that he brooded a LOT. I mean, yes there was a backstory that explained why, but all the "I can't be with you because....." "You wouldn't understand"'s became grating. If this is a spoiler, than I apologize, so I will say SPOILER in case that is so: I am definitely Team Jack all the way.

Hocking thankfully did not disappoint. In my eyes she can do no wrong. She built her vampiric world beautifully, coming up with little unique spins on a somewhat tired genre. Her talent is just endless, and congrats to her for being signed with St. Martins Press, albeit my congrats being late xD. To end this little bit: Damn, Amanda Hocking knows how to craft a great story.

If you are a fan of Amanda Hocking, you will love this, also if you're a fan of good, unique vampire novels. 

I'll next be reviewing Glass Houses by Rachel Caine.

Until next time, viva la literature!

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