Monday, November 21, 2011

Review #91: Desire by Kailin Gow

Hello again everyone! Another review coming up on the block for ya, and here we go! :)

Desire is the first in the Desire series by Kailin Gow. Kama Johnson lives in the perfect town of Arcadia. The sun always shines, the sky always clear and blue, everything is utterly perfect. Dating Liam, the Governor's son, Kama just knows he'll be a part of her Life's Plan. Upon getting her Life's Plan, a chain of events will be set in motion that change the course of Kama's life, as well as the future of Arcadia, forever.

I adore this book so much, plus it redeemed Kailin Gow in my eyes, after the disaster that was Daughters of Dracula. The pacing was brilliant, the story itself was unique and refreshing. I haven't read a Paranormal Dystopian before, the combination made this book all the more intriguing. I literally stayed up until almost 2 a.m finishing this, it was that good. I loved how the idea of a life's plan was used as a means of control in this society, in a dystopian sense. I've never seen that before. The magical aspect added oomph, elevating this book greatly.

Kama was a great character. While you are reading, you just cheer her on and go through the journey with her, feeling exactly what she feels: love, anger, shock, awe, etc. She had a good sense of self, despite her moments of obsession over Liam/Torrid. Liam, one of the main love interests/part of the triangle, I didn't really like. I felt like he was a bit too obsessed with Kama, it didn't feel like love. Then there's Torrid, the other part of the triangle. He fits that brooding love interest type. Admittedly though, he was a whole lot better than Liam. The antagonist scared the crap out of me. His subtle control throughout the book, then the ending, was totally frightening. 

I loved how Gow built her world. She wrote the characters well, even the ones I didn't like. 

I'll next be doing, sadly, a Bad Book Round-Up. 

Until next time, viva la literature!

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