Saturday, June 18, 2011

The James Patterson Reviewing Saga Pt I: Review #28: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Patterson

Hello my literary comrades! Happy Saturday! Hope everything is good. What did y'all do? Saw Mr. Popper's Penguins tonight and it was amazing, very good and very funny. Well Jim Carrey was in it so yeah it was funny :). Anyway I've decided to start an impromptu thing I like to call The James Patterson Reviewing Saga, or TJPRS for short. What it entails is that I will be reviewing 3 James Patterson books in a row. Hope you all enjoy it and lets get started :)

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (long title I know lol) is by the great James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. It stars Daniel X, a 15 year old boy who witnessed the murder of his alien hunter parents when he was 3 years old. From then on he dedicates his life to finishing the job his parents started. In this book, Daniel goes after Ergent Seth, number 6 on the List. 

I have to say this was not my first time reading this book. You might say that my review will be biased because of that, but that's ok. Anyway I haven't read it in a while so the story was fresh to me, which was good. I still love this book, and love the idea of a 15 year old kid with the ability to create things with his mind having to be a badass alien hunter. I loved every minute and each twist and turn the story took, like a driving a bumpy road during a drive. 

Daniel is the bomb. If he were real and a couple years older, I would totally go for him. He is absolutely swoon-worthy, for a 15 year old literary character. But I loved watching him kick alien ass and figure things out and make mistakes and triumph over his obstacles. I also loved his four best friends, who he created at will. I so wish they all were real so we could all go to a mall or something and hang out. They were just great characters, period.I just love all of the characters, because Patterson and Ledwidge flesh them out so well, and make all of them likeable, even the villain, which takes talent in my opinion.

I will tell you now, I am a Patterson fangirl. But I am putting that aside and saying his prose is fantastic. I love how easily and so well he gets inside a characters head and writes so easily as them. Plus he uses good and appropriate language which is nice. 

If you love James Patterson, read this. If you love alien crime fighting, read this. 

My next review and Part II of TJPRS will be Sunday's at Tiffany's by Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet. 

Until next time comrades.

Viva la literature! 

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