Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review #27: To Kill a Warlock by H.P Mallory

Hello my literary comrades! I hope you're outside on this lovely day instead of sitting and reading this. But hopefully you'll read it when you get back. :) Anyway lets get started :)

To Kill a Warlock is the first book in the Dulcie O'Neill series by H.P. Mallory. I got it for 0.99 cents on my Nook, which is a pretty sweet deal. I finally got to read it a few days ago. It centers on Dulcie O'Neill, a fairy working as a Regulator, or law enforcer, for the Netherworld in the human world. One day a warlock is murdered, and Dulcie becomes a suspect, threatened with deportation to the Netherworld if convicted. A man from the Netherworld government, Knight Vander, comes and tells her they will work together to solve the case. Meanwhile the two grow attracted to each other.

I must say I loved this book. It's an interesting foray into the paranormal genre, mixed with a murder mystery. Now hold on, it's not like the Sookie Stackhouse novels or Anita Blake or any of those types. I mean yes it deals with fairies and elves and witches and wizards and murder, but this is a different spin. It's a sub section in the mythology. I loved how you follow the case but you also follow Dulcie's life and all the wonderful complications that come with it all. I also find the names of the California towns and such hilarious, because they're all food related. I could not stop laughing at that. There was also at one point an in joke about paranormal books which I had to highlight on my Nook :)

Now my favorite part. Dulcie is a kick ass heroine. She doesn't take crap from anyone and doesn't back down. She won't let others tear her down, but she's also vulnerable because of her past, which is painful. in essence she's multi-faceted, and I love that. She's touted as the best regulator in the city, and you see why. She's a good Regulator, which makes her an even better character, because you see she has a passion. I loved Knight, even though I felt like I wanted to smack him at times. He is that smoldering love interest who you can't help feel attracted to (I'm one of those people who are attracted.). Show of hands, who would love if all of the hot literary characters somehow became real? *raises hand* Yup, thought so. Knight is one of those guys. Quillan was also a very sexy guy that I loved, more than Knight actually. I was sad at his fate in the end, because I loved him so much. Sam was the perfect best friend to Dulcie, and I wish she were real so we could be friends. 

I loved Mallory's writing. She has a great talent for writing that makes her books enjoyable. She can make you feel the right emotions in the right places, which is brilliant for an author to do.

Pick this book up if you want a good book that has supernatural and crime as well. You'll love it in an instant. 

My next review will be on Fear and Laundry by Elizabeth Myles.

Until next time comrades

Viva la literature!


  1. Great Job. I'm impressed. Seems like you just started and you're on #27 already.

  2. Thanks! Seriously thank you. :) I know time goes by quick