Sunday, June 5, 2011

Review #22: Avalon High by Meg Cabot

Hello my lovely literary comrades! Hope everyone is doing well and that the weekend rocked your socks! Quick show of hands who saw X Men: First Class recently? I see those who did, and wasn't it awesome? I saw it last night and it was utterly brilliant! It was just so damned good. :) Anyway, pulling back from my digression, lets talk about books! :)

Avalon High is by the fantastic Meg Cabot. It takes place in Annapolis, Maryland. It follows Ellie Harrison, who just moved there with her Arthurian scholar professor parents (ain't that a mouthful? xD) while they're on sabbatical. She goes to Avalon High, where she meets a colorful cast of kids, including Will at the head. She slowly find out that her newfound friends are reincarnations of people from the Arthurian Legend. (that's not a spoiler so please don't correct me). She must find a way to prevent the original events from repeating themselves before it's too late. 

I must say, this is an original story, which gives it extra points in my eyes. To take a refreshing spin on the Arthurian Legend, especially putting it in modern times, was amazing. I loved that. I loved every bloody minute of it. It had a fast pace when needed, and a slower one when needed as well. It definitely was a first class page turner. 

Ellie is one of my many literary heroes now. She is just freaking awesome. I loved watching her adjust to her new town, and school. I also loved following how she discovered everything that was going on, and how she was reacting to everything. Some books have the heroines take everything with a startling normalcy. But no offense to authors who do that, I find that a bit disturbing. I love the way Ellie reacts because it's completely normal. And yet she strangely went along with the exact events subconsciously. Will was of course extremely sexy, as I had a feeling he would be. He was so kind and sweet, and strong and steely when he needed to be. Why can't all of these guys be real?? Now onto Marco. He was positively frightening. I could feel his evil creeping up on me like vines. It was so palpable I could taste it in my mouth. And who said a book couldn't do that to you? And yet he was deliciously evil at the same time. I loved having those vines creep up, feeling his evil. It meant that this book is truly great. 

Of course Meg's writing was fantastic, it always is. I loved the wit and humor she added, and the danger was truly dangerous when need be. 

If you're a Meg fan, read this. If you love King Arthur and the Arthurian Legend, read this. If you love romance read this. Basically anyone can read this. 

I'll next be reading A Discovery of Witches, so I probably won't be here for a while. 

Until next time my comrades

Viva la literature!

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