Friday, June 10, 2011

Review #24: Torn by Amanda Hocking

Hello my lovely literary comrades! Happy Friday to you all! I hope y'all enjoy the weekend and have fun :). Anyway lets get on with the review!

Torn is the second book in the amazing Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking. Picking up right where Switched left off, it shows Wendy's journey to realizing who she is and what she needs to do to finally be that person. Plus there's that effervescent thing called love.

I absolutely adore this trilogy, and will be sad when I finally read the last book. This is a perfect continuation from Switched. It literally picks up where the last book left off, which is nice. Sometimes I'm really annoyed when there's a huge time skip going from the first book to the second. I loved how Ms. Hocking explored the mythology she created even more in this book. You learn more about the Vittra, the enemies of the Trylle. You also learn more about Wendy's past and how it all affects her future. All of your favorite characters come back as well plus some new ones which is nice. The pace was great and took it slow which I enjoyed.

Wendy is still great in this book. I loved watching her slowly realize who she really is and what she must do in order to live her life. Her journey from who she was to who she became was incredible. I also loved hearing about her past and how she reacted to it. The same for Finn. He was much more fleshed out in this one. I feel he was too formal, but he felt he needed to be. Elora evolved in this book, which made me respect her so much more. She was was fleshed out as a character and not just some cold and heartless woman. She had her reasons for everything she did and said. Also Tove was still just as lovely. I love Tove, I wish he were real so bad. I would just take him home with me. Rhys wasn't in the book as much, which made me sad, but I am glad Matt had a bigger part. So did Willa. I loved the new character Duncan. He was sweet and tried to do what was right, and very loyal to Wendy. He was so fun to read, and his reactions were priceless. The Vittra King, while only in one scene, scared the gourd out of my. He was just utterly chilling, and I couldn't wait until his part was over. Loki on the other had, was delicious to read. I loved reading his character and his banter with Wendy. He was one of those characters that you had to look beyond the surface and unearth the real him.

I feel Ms. Hocking got better with this book. Her writing improved, which was great to see. Plus her prose was great as always. She knows how to craft a really good story, and that is brilliant. I can see her going very far in this business. 

If you love Amanda Hocking, and love her Trylle Trilogy, you'll love this. 

I'll next be reviewing Postmortem, book 1 in the Kay Scarpetta series.

Until next time comrades

Viva la literature!

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