Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review #19: Switched by Amanda Hocking

Hello my literary comrades! I hope everything is going well for ya! I guess I should get started, so lets go!

Switched is by Amanda Hocking. It's the first in the extremely popular Trylle Trilogy. At it's center is Wendy Everly, a seventeen year old girl who has never fit in, and has a traumatic past. When she was six, her mother tried to kill her, shouting "You're not my child! You're a monster!" (I think I'm paraphrasing a bit, but ya get the point.) She finds out from hunky Finn that she is a changeling, switched at birth with another child. Also, that she is a Trylle, aka a beautiful troll (I know, it's weird but a cool concept). From there, Wendy's life is never the same. 

This is a special kind of hype book. Not only does it get crazy hype from the fans, but this book and the ones that follow, have helped make Amanda Hocking a freaking millionaire! And she self published her books! That's amazing, seriously! On top of that, but this book was .99! So of course you have to check it out. Mini rant over, now onto the review!

I LOVE this book.No seriously, I LOVE this book. It's amazing, fast paced, and just pure epicausity. I love the idea of taking the mythology of trolls, and turning it on its head. I loved how addictive the story was. I loved entering the world of the Trylle, because it was so interesting and rich with a cornucopia of ideology and a tapestry of history. I'll put it this way, the story was so good I didn't even notice that the sun was rising and that I was almost done with the book.

Now onto one of my favorite parts, characters. I thought Wendy was a fantastic protagonist. She's wily, sarcastic, fierce and fiercely loyal, and won't change for anyone. I love the journey she goes on throughout the book. She goes from a girl who fits in nowhere to a girl who semi fits in somewhere, and who knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it. She is one of those kick ass protagonists that you love to follow in books. Now onto Finn. *Sigh* Oh Finn. I could say that I would find a way to stop being attracted to fictional men, but I would be lying. Finn is utterly swoon-worthy. He's sexy, loyal, and incredibly amazing. He loves Wendy, and is willing to do anything for her, even things I shall not reveal here (hint hint, that's an incentive to get this book (; ). He's that mix of tall, dark and handsome that no girl can resist. Concerning the side characters, I loved Rhys. He was just so funny and sweet and caring and awesome, I just wanted to hug him. He cared about Wendy from the instant, and they share a bond that no one understands or can break. Now onto Elora. I have a love-hate relationship with Elora. She was a total witch with a capital B most of the time. She never cut Wendy slack, never showed real affection towards her, and was so cold I felt like she was encased in ice. But then, you see she really and truly cares for Wendy, and that all of the ice is just a front. But then she goes back to being icily distant, so as a result my love hate relationship with her.

I love how Hocking wrote this book. She really got inside Wendy's head. She had a way with words, not on the Maggie Stiefvater level, but still well done. She created such a rich and interesting world with the Trylle, I keep wanting to find out more and more. 

I HIGHLY recommend this book, and if you haven't read it, shame on you! ;) Just kidding, but seriously read this book stat!

Until next time my lovely comrades

Viva la literature!

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