Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Musing: The Hard Fall/Dumbing Down of MTV

Hello again comrades! This subject has been on my mind tonight, and I felt like I had to get it out somehow, so I thought I'd share it with you lovely folks :). 

So I was driving home with my friend from Dinner tonight, and we were discussing an array of subjects, as we normally do. I forget how we got into it, but MTV came up. And I couldn't help it, I literally ranted all the way home. Of course my lovely friend chimed in when he could, but when I'm in a ranting moon, ain't nothing gonna stop me. 

I mean honestly, what the hell MTV? Your name is Music TeleVision, Music TeleVision!! I mean really? REALLY? You see your name, and yet you keep putting out crap shows like Jersey Shore, and keep giving them more and more seasons? And you also only dedicate a bit under 2 HOURS to what made you a household name - music videos! Which is also the very reason you were created!!

This might seem like I'm being fanatical, but I mean if you're called MTV, at least showcase more music videos and music in general than at 6 in the morning. Why not change your channel's name then? It makes sense. Why not The Reality Channel? Or TRC? It would be a much better description of what MTV has become. All it really is anymore is Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom. People who do not deserve the nation's attention. 

I'm sorry, I know teen pregnancy is a growing issue these days, but these girls do not need to be glorified and put on a pedestal like they are now. And they do not need to have the gossip rags detailing their every move. Just because they're an "anomaly" does not mean they have to be followed like puppy dogs and see the drama they go through. It should all be private! X_X. 

The same goes for the Jersey Shore morons. All they do is drink and fight and have sex and curse and just do stupid stupid crap. And what happens? They're loved for it! Hell The Situation (ugh what a stupid name to go by and be known as) was on fricking Dancing with the Stars! He's not even a real celebrity/star! You know who is? Kirstie Alley. Yes she's a shadow (and yes physically as well) of what she used to be, but at least she deserves to be a star, she had a great career! So have Cloris Leachman, Donnie and Marie Osmond, and the other countless actual stars who have been on that show (except Bristol Palin, who is a combination of politician's kid and teen mom, and therefore a semi celebrity, but still didn't deserve to be on the show). 

My friend was sort of quick to point out that Jaime Lynn Spears is a teen mom and she made huge headline and was a celebrity for it. But of course that is a HUGE error. I can't really fault my friend for thinking that, he is really not up to date on pop culture, considering all of his favorite music comes from the 50's to the 80's. So I had to explain the difference. See, Jaime Lynn Spears is/was not a celebrity because she got pregnant while still a teenager. She is the younger sister of Britney Spears, who is a music legend (I use the term legend loosely). Then she got into acting, and became a celebrity in her own right with Zoey 101. THAT my comrades is what made her a celebrity, not having a baby inside of her. She became infamous because she got pregnant at 16. That's the difference between her and the attention whores on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. UGH. 

On a side note: I do feel like because those two shows about teen moms are becoming so popular, girls are getting pregnant in order to get on the shows, and that's disturbing and wrong. Ok digression over.

What happened MTV? What happened that made you go from innovative and leader in Music centric television to having trash lite be all you have as programming. 

The one thing I do like that is reality/documentary style is the True Life series. I find a good chunk of them incredibly interesting and raw and brilliant and good. If that was the only one on that channel, I'd be ok with it. But no, we have fake Italian American stereotypes and kids who get pregnant as the norm. 

See this is why I like Fuse. Fuse has officially taken over as the leading music based channel today. Yes it started out as an American version of the Canadian MuchMusic, but it has become so much more. I love Fuse. It is possibly my favorite channel on tv. I love the wide eclectic range of music they present, as well as the music based shows like On The Record With Fuse and Hoppus On Music. I have been introduced to so many bands and artists that are now near and dear to my heart because of Fuse. I can not sing this channel's praises enough. They even have whole days dedicated to one artist, called Takeovers. Like Lady Gaga Takeover or Nicki Minaj Takeover (now if only they had Green Day Takeover I'd truly be in Nirvana ^^). They also have a top 20 Countdown, and other various music related shows, which is the POINT!!! While I love Fuse dearly, it makes me sad that MTV has downgraded to the point where another channel has to step in. I'm sorry, but if MTV got their sh*t together, Fuse would not be as popular, and I would be fine with that. 

Lets be honest, MTV is a shell of what it used to be. All it is now is a collection of trashy reality television shows and horrible "entertainment." They really don't care about music anymore. And if they do, they just throw it by the wayside for crap like Jersey Shore. And that's a real shame, because that's the channel that really launched Michael Jackson into being The King of Pop, and helped bring music to people in such a great way, and a more mass market way. It's a true tragedy, and I weep for the channel that it once was. 

So here's my open letter to MTV:

Dear MTV,
     I have seen your programming and honestly, I am so saddened by it. You used to be a titan of the music industry, bringing great music and great artists to the masses and launched the careers of many of the classic artists. It makes me sad because you are a shadow of what you used to be. I vote you bring back the old model of your channels and bring yourself up from the slump of reality television, in order to make yourselves great again. Although keeping True Life would be great. 

A deep music fan.

Ok, I am done ranting for the night. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what you believe in and what you stand for. I just hope you can at least see my side of the whole issue. 

Until next time comrades

Viva la literature (and music)!

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